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    VQ LAW GROUP Yout path to Financial Freedom
    Achieve Peace of Mind
    and leave your debts behind.

Who we are

VQ Law Group is a California based Law Firm with a history of producing exceptional results for our clients. We specialize in reducing balances on credit card debt, private student loan debt, medical debt and many other types of unsecured debt.

Our proven debt resolution program can be the light at the end of the tunnel for many people in need of help with debt. While nothing comes easy, our Program may be easier then you think. It does take a level of commitment and some time to complete but when compared to the alternatives, our Program can be very appealing.

Our program provides:

One Low Monthly Payment
Based On Your Budget

Save Money
by Settling Your Debt For Less

Get Out Of Debt
in a Reasonable Amount Of Time

Peace of Mind You Have an
Experienced Law Firm On Your Side

Our commitment to our clients is to work vigorously in reducing your debt commitments, saving you as much money as possible with the ultimate goal of helping you to become debt free. We have helped many clients get out of debt and our testimonials attest to this. We are a business that not only performs well but also provides our clients with excellent service.

If you find yourself in unfamiliar territory with debt spiraling out of control, you shouldn't feel alone. You may have experienced financial hardship such as losing your job or getting your hours reduced at work.

Alternatively, credit card debt in general could have got to a critical point now where you are getting nowhere and a combination of interest, late fees and large payment demands puts you in a position where you feel financially strapped. Unfortunately, these debt issues will not go away on their own and drastic changes and decisions must be made in order to put a plan in place that provides you the best chance to get back on your feet.

Recognizing that you do in fact need help and could benefit from assistance is the first step to getting out of debt. Fortunately for you, there are a few debt resolution options that exist that can help you get back on your feet and taking action sooner rather than later will benefit you greatly. As a debt settlement law firm, we can help you explore your options. We do not offer bankruptcy services but have a network of lawyers we can refer you to.

Are you in debt?

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