You're deep in debt — What are your options?

VQ Law Group offers an effective Debt Resolution program that is a positive alternative to the previously discussed debt relief options. We typically utilize a strategy known as Debt Settlement or Debt Negotiation to obtain positive results.

Our Debt Resolution payment plan differs from your credit card company's demands as we structure payments around what you can afford, not what we force you to pay. Our plan is not a loan and qualification is not based on typical criteria of credit and income like a debt consolidation loan. Our debt resolution plan as opposed to bankruptcy is a private matter and in some cases will not have as long lasting credit impact as Bankruptcy.

VQ Law Group provides hands on, personalized service that is custom tailored to our client's individual needs and concerns. Our programs are available to anyone who qualifies. Upon enrollment, we assign a personal contact to you as well as a small support team which will be your point of contact for the duration of our relationship. Our team will be in charge of negotiating with your creditors and will take over communication on your behalf.

In any debt settlement scenario, the goal is to negotiate with a creditor and/or collector, reach a mutually agreeable resolution amount and make a lump sum payment that finalizes the settlement. In many cases, settlements can also be negotiated over a period of time rather than a lump sum. This process is repeated until all of your debts are resolved and in many cases, clients can become debt free within 24-48 months. To assist you in saving towards settlement, we can help you set up an FDIC insured savings account which will be utilized specifically for the Program and will help in separating funds you use for your day to day expenses and the funds you wish to save towards resolution.

What dept is eligble?

  • • Credit Cards
  • • Personal Loans and Lines of Credit
  • • Medical Bills
  • • Finance Companies Such as Cash Call, Avant, Lending Club
  • • Collections and Repossessions
  • • Business Debts
  • • Private Student Loans

What are you not able to settle?

  • • Lawsuits
  • • IRS Debt and Back Taxes
  • • Utility Bills
  • • Auto Loans, Government Loans
  • • Mortgage or Home Loans
  • • Other Secured Debts

Why Choose Us?

VQ Law Group is building a track record of helping numerous people achieve their goals of becoming debt free. Our online reputation of providing excellent service is of great meaning to us as it validates what we do and why we do it which is to help people get back to a debt free way of life.

  • • VQ's CEO Denny Roja has more than 25 years of experience in the practice of law. He has also been a corporate executive, venture capitalist, investment banker and chief financial officer
  • • State Bar of California Licensed
  • • Many Satisfied Client Reviews Across Several Websites
  • • Customized Plans With Dedicated Teams To Each Client