What VQ Law Group offers

Exceptional Opportunity

VQ Law Group offers a unique opportunity for participating attorneys. To receive our full benefits and services, becoming both a program owner while representing clients through the legal plan in your perspective state, would be most beneficial in growing your network and income. Needless to say, enrolling in either program or plan will be highly profitable for you and your law firm.

Attorney Model Debt Settlement Program

With national debt increasing every year, it is crucial to not only be educated in the industry but to also have the highest level of legal representation available.  To help those in need, VQ Law has designed a legal program that is owned and managed by lawyers in an attorney network in their respective state. Attorneys participating in the network are subject to:

  • • Provide necessary debt settlement related legal services to consumers experiencing financial hardships via phone or in person
  • • Implement services: oversee debt settlement process, handle defense on client's behalf, respond to creditor lawsuit, make court filings, and court representation to prospective clients who are paired based on the location, practice, and availability of the attorney
  • • With lawyers/law firms focusing only on consumer's unsecured debts, this ultimately allows more freedom to concentrate on other cases simultaneously.

Limited Legal Access Plan

In addition to our Attorney Model Debt Settlement Program, we offer a separate opportunity for participating attorneys to receive supplemental income through our Limited Legal Access Plan.  Under the Legal Plan, participating attorneys:

  • • Will offer legal services against creditor lawsuits
  • • Should clients receive any concerning documents i.e. summons, collections, it is the attorneys responsibility to review, advise, and counsel the client in order to explore all options
  • • In the event of a summoning, the attorney will prepare a simple response in client's defense on a Pro Se basis

How We Support Our Attorney Network

We're Here to Help!

Through our affiliate partners, Financial Rescue LLC and Hexagon LLC, we strive to provide exceptional service to our attorney network to service their clients promptly and efficiently.  To do that, we covers the back-end nonlegal support for attorneys:

  • • Marketing
  • • Customer Service
  • • Accounting, distribution of fees, expenses
  • • Negotiations
  • • Administrative/processing